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Item no.Wheel DiameterWheel widthFixed HeightLoad capacityOffsetWheel materialRound stemBearing
12550.8PU+PAθ28*96ball bearing


1. Easy installation 

2. Good floor preservation   

3. With excellent anti-abrasion, shock absorber, swivelling resistance, center locking castor & impact resistance function

4. The ball bearing design will keeps quiet when in use, suitable for hospital with different mounting spec for chooice


All the wheels production are professional, and if you want to keep the wheels long-life working, please check them regularly. When you find any problems, please solve probelms or change the caster as fast as possible to keep safe.

1. Install the caster on suitable place, and Use the nut or washer when install them

2. Do not change or split the design

3. Check the caster regularly, confirm all the parts are tightly

4. Add lubricating oil regularly to ensure wheel and bearing can work long time

5. Remember check the caster wheel's wear regularly


Why choose Longfeng Caster?

LFC medical castor wheels are available in a wide variety of size, mounting, material and capacity to help you find the correct castor for your products. We are the most porfessional castor manufacturer in China with competitive price. Medical castor wheel with four quality testing.

A. Brake test

Stainless steel 303 spring testing: the brake spring keeps qualified function after finished total 10000 times uninterrupted braking test.

B. Pounding test of shroud

5kg weight pounding on the ABS shroud directly under different angle towards the front/behind/side of caster, there is no any falling off/cracking/fracture of shound after 3 times pounding uninterruptedly and keep the qualified appearance.

C. Dynamic test

Fix the caster tightly and put the caster on the right position of circle track on the testing machine. The testing caster need to run 30km and pass the obstacle 500 times total under 120kg loading weight and  keep the qualified function.

D. Static pressure test

Fix the caster tightly on level plane of the testing machine, then put a 180kg vertical pressure on the wheel under 24 hours' testing. The caster doesn't change its shape obviously and keep its function.

Different industries and design needs, different caster solution

LFC works with customers in a wide array of industries and understands the specific needs. For example choose the right mounting spec, like top plate stem, threaded stem, bolt hole stem or square stem. And we can work together to selecting the right caster solution for your application.

Can not find what you need?

This page only shows the standard medical caster product, if you can not find the product you need, or only find a similar product, please contact us directly. Longfeng caster will provide the castor solutions for specific. Just contact us to know more details.


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