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China International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibition(Guangzhou)

China International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibition(Guangzhou) is the largest and most professional exhibition event in the logistics technology field in South China, this exhibition is rich in related professional activities, targeted activities, large audience traffic, and abundant exhibits.


Authoritative advantage

The Ministry of Commerce, the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, and the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce focused on supporting and cultivating large-scale logistics equipment and technology exhibitions.

Popularity advantage

2018 direct access to 100,000 target professional audience.

Market Advantage

The “Made in China” with the PRD as its core is facing a comprehensive transformation and upgrading. The production logistics, automation logistics, and supply chain logistics urgently need to be transformed, providing a great opportunity for logistics equipment and technology companies to develop, and at the same time, it will also promote the development of enterprises in the Midwest. study Exchange.

International advantage

As the bridgehead of the Maritime Silk Road, the Pearl River Delta actively responds to the implementation of the national strategy of building the “Belt and Road” and builds the 21st century Maritime Silk Road major channel, connecting and interoperating to connect ASEAN, South Asia, West Asia, North Africa, and Europe. The market chains of major economic sectors will bring great opportunities for logistics development.

Activity advantages

Privately-designed “Expo China”, the strength exhibitors specially invited more than 20 leading counterpart buyers to organise salon sharing sessions and exchange meetings in the exhibition area and organize multi-faceted, face-to-face live interactive exchanges! The top industry forums for nearly 50 events during the exhibition will also help you to segment professional markets and make targeted and efficient marketing.

Transmission advantage

Ad hoc media interview room, inviting a number of well-known professional media to the scene to record interviews and conduct 360-degree comprehensive coverage: professional video team to track on-site exchange activities in time, recording live video and editing clips in the post; public numbers, websites, Cooperative television media, new media, journals, magazines and other communication channels to promote the promotion; with international brand exhibitors on the same stage, one-stop promotion of brands and products, and quickly increase brand awareness.

Service advantage

The new media "Logistics Equipment Online" established by the organizer will provide you with 365 days of market expansion and brand packaging programs to help implement comprehensive marketing communications.

Innovation highlights

In 2018, the organizer added the "Advanced Manufacturing and Smart Factory Exhibition" to respond to the China Smart Manufacturing 2025 Program, which provides comprehensive connectivity for upstream and downstream companies in the production, warehousing, distribution, retail, and supply chain of smart factories, and builds an entire industry for exhibitors and buyers. Chain negotiation platform.