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Before the casters are received by the buyer, we must complete a series of tests to meet the standards.
For example, static pressure test, brake life test, drawing force test, salt spray test, impact test, dynamic test, wear resistance test, high and low temperature wear resistance test, tensile test, hardness test, deflection test, etc.


Production Process

The caster production have a lot of steps before testing. On the one side, we are fouce on material, like PU, PP, PA, TPR, stainless steel and so on. On the other side, we are concentract more on QTY. And we built up a professional production & sales team to provide our clients with more and more high quality caster.

Quality Monitoring

Why Choose Us

Corporate Culture

Quality is our everlasting promise. Excellence is our prominent goal. The flourishing LONGFENG Caster has fully confident to create value for society, present the beauty for customer, enjoy the future with the staff.

The Correct choose

When you feel lost, consider the  purpose, function, and using range firstlyof the caster you needs, and  then choose the suitable one. And feel free to email our sales team who will help you to find the correct caster for you.   

Installation Mode

According to different products, please choose the correct caster installation mode for you. For example, some casters design with round stem, and we could  change the round stem to threaded stem or square stem for what your need. But some design can not be changed. Please call us to know more details.